November 19, 2019

The Missing Identities

Uprooting a girl from her familiar surroundings when she gets married, separating her from her family and friends, assuming she will merge seamlessly with her new family is a traditional, social expectation; carrying the ‘amputation’ even further is the custom in Belliguda of renaming a new bride with the name of her parental village; this completes the obliterating of her identity
October 17, 2019

Not to ‘Empower Women’: A Musing on Efforts and Interventions

There is a perception that women are the most vulnerable, and so any action for them will be empowering; this is a fallacy.
October 16, 2019

Women of Jharkhand: Fighting Violence against Women

Whatever progress is made in the livelihoods and economic spheres of life, women in villages will only experience significant empowerment when violence—physical, emotional, psychological and other areas-against them is totally eradicated
June 5, 2019

The Women of Unnatipatha Cheli Samiti: The New Entrepreneurs

Making a tentative beginning at goat-rearing, the women of Unnatipatha Cheli Samiti taste success and cannot be held back. They now monitor the health of the animals and deal with the markets too; thereby increasing their confidence and decreasing their dependency on men.
April 17, 2019

Sehansha Gets Married

Expressing her anguish at customs and cultural practices that are blindly followed, a young 14-year-old bride’s gut-wrenching questions remain unanswered: “Why does the world have so many expectations from women? Why do we have to listen to abuses all day, even after killing ourselves to match up?
November 7, 2018

Creating a Safe Space for Women

As important as it is to identify and support viable livelihoods in villages, equally vital it is that issues of gender and sex, gender and patriarchy, and gender and violence are discussed in safe spaces such as SHGs, Clusters and Federations, helping women live lives of equality, dignity and freedom
September 9, 2018

Changes through Participatory Theatre

ONE EVENING, DURGAPRASAD, A CONTRACTOR from Mohgaon, came to visit Kumharra village to discuss matters with the sarpanch of the village. As he entered the village, he heard a voice resounding in the village: “Bhaat baad mein khabo, natak dekhan jabo (Have your food later, come to see the play)”; “Aao aao natak dekho…natak dekho…bin paise ka natak dekho (Come, come to watch the play…watch the play….watch
April 4, 2018

Chameli’s Blue Cycle

Igniting hope and nurturing potential in women is better achieved by example rather than any theory or sermon. One such story of a woman who got such opportunity that changed her life.
April 3, 2018

THE STORY RETOLD: Singleness and the Sanghathan

Stories of how single women of Rayagada work to transform the future- a journey of gendered relationships, collective action and co-learning
February 2, 2018

Samnapur: Cultural Change in Agriculture

Initiating new techniquesin farming, the women of Samnapur have started taking the lead in agricultural practices such as introducing the cultivation of vegetables, growing paddy through SRI, going to the market to sell vegetables and asserting their identity as farmers in their families and in society, thereby bringing about asea change in the way they are perceived and in their confidence as decision- makers.