January 2, 2018

Small Changes on the Road to Development

A story of how a barely literate woman was able to change her life and tap her potential when provided with opportunities.
September 2, 2017

Women in Villages Stories from the Field

Creating awareness through collectivization, about prevailing patriarchal-hierarchical structures and about women normalizing beliefs that define their existence as ‘inferior’ and confine them to being mother, daughter, wife, or domestic labourer, is a slow albeit rewarding journey
August 9, 2017

Transforming Community and the Self: The Story of Ramkol Village

“Clay is just a lump unless persistent efforts transform it into a pot.” Bringing about social change is a slow and painstaking process and must be based on an inherent faith in the ability and wisdom of the people one is working with. The women of Ramkol prove this as they are shepherded by a young development professional
July 4, 2017

Stories of Pain and Suffering

Promoting SHGs for credit and savings and livelihoods is one important way of empowering village women; what is equally important is for women to be able to express and share their pain and struggle in their lives. Providing for safe spaces where the women can do so is a big opportunity for healing and resolution
July 2, 2017

Blinded by Superstition: A Case Study on Witch Hunting

Encouraging critical thinking through open discussion in public forums, thereby challenging traditional beliefs about witches being the cause of all the misfortunes that tribal communities face is perhaps the only way that the bane of witch-hunting can be eradicated from society
July 1, 2017

Nari Adalat: Justice for Women by Women

Tackling gender issues that lie at the heart of women’s empowerment by setting up alternative justice systems saw the competence and compassion of the SHG members rise to the fore; they are now a force to reckon with
June 17, 2017

Farm Technology: Opening up Unimagined Possibilities for Women

A woman worker uses her fingertips on an average 522 times, her fingernails 144 times and her palms 55 times for every single kilogramme of grain that she produces, according to a survey by India’s Ministry of Agriculture.
May 3, 2017

Nari Adalat: A Beacon for Women in Distress

Fulfilling the need for justice-imparting systems in a strongly patriarchal society, Nari Adalats, despite facing challenges during the evolutionary phase of this Alternative Dispute Resolution system, are helping to reduce the distress of village women
February 1, 2017

Geeta Markam: An Epitome of Courage

Embracing her disability and accepting it as a part of her life, Geeta didi has shown exemplary courage and determination in tackling issues that women face, and has been especially active in seeing that justice is meted out to women of her community
January 5, 2017

The Unsung – Story of Janki Devi

Struggling to survive in extremely challenging circumstances, and finding hope, meaning and purpose in the SHG, Janki Devi becomes pivotal in helping the women of her village to gain confidence in their worth and capabilities