February 5, 2021

Learning from the Pandemic: Collaboration is the Way Ahead

Realizing that it was staring at a deadly crisis of immense magnitude and proportions, the PRADAN team swung into action, collaborating with the local administration and institutions, to care for the survival and well-being of all members of the community
January 3, 2020

The Only Way to Make Development Sustainable

We asked ourselves — is there another way to engage with communities? Where ultimately, they can unlock the social capital that they have built, exercise their agency without external help, and where they themselves can decide on their development agenda.
October 14, 2019

Strengthening Local Governance- A Development Paradigm

Recognizing the idea of the Panchayati Raj as crucial for the foundation of the Indian political system, the 73rd Constitution Amendment was passed by Parliament in 1992, giving Constitutional power to local elected bodies, leading to a decentralized form of governance in which each and every village is responsible for its own affairs
April 4, 2019

Scaling up Gram Panchayat Organization Development: The Way Forward

January 5, 2019

Pindarkone Gram Panchayat- Setting Examples of Governance

In the words of Mahatma Gandhi, “The best, the quickest and the most efficient way is to build up from the bottom...Every village has to become a self-sufficient republic. This does not require brave resolutions. It requires brave, corporate, intelligent work...”
January 4, 2019

Activating Panchayats through MGNREGA

Implementing MGNREGA in its fullness is a movement to establish local democracy and instruments of local governance, honour local wisdom and knowledge, promote power decentralization to panchayats and encourage participatory decision-making. Jharkhand’s experience warrants telling.
January 2, 2019

Building the Organization Capabilities of Gram Panchayats-The pilot project in Jharkhand

Evolving a process-centric Gram Panchayat Organization Development framework, the Anode Lab, in collaboration with PRADAN, focussed on building the organizational capacity of gram panchayats, knowing that if the local body is capable and its members and staff are inspired to perform, it can impact sustainable change in key development spheres
September 8, 2018

Beyond Electoral Politics: Women in Local Governance in Haryana

Encouraging women to stand for elections to the local bodies is one step forward; empowering them with knowledge and skills in planning and decision-making must necessarily follow if women need to be active creators of their own future and not figure-heads and proxy figures for the men in their families
January 5, 2018

The State-Society Interaction: A Developmental Debate

Do the changes being slowly inculcated in tribal life, represented by the adivasis of Kewlajhiri, add up to development? Do traditional practices, customs, beliefs need to be shed in order to bring about transformation in people’s lives? Does the government take into account the wealth of traditional wisdom when it determines how to develop a village?
May 2, 2017

JMMS Chakai: Fight against Corruption

Coming face to face with rampant corruption in the implementation of the provisions of MGNREGA, the women of Jivan Marshal Mahila Sangh refuse to buckle down to the local oppressors and an apathetic bureaucracy