October 16, 2019

Women of Jharkhand: Fighting Violence against Women

Whatever progress is made in the livelihoods and economic spheres of life, women in villages will only experience significant empowerment when violence—physical, emotional, psychological and other areas-against them is totally eradicated
October 14, 2019

Strengthening Local Governance- A Development Paradigm

Recognizing the idea of the Panchayati Raj as crucial for the foundation of the Indian political system, the 73rd Constitution Amendment was passed by Parliament in 1992, giving Constitutional power to local elected bodies, leading to a decentralized form of governance in which each and every village is responsible for its own affairs
January 5, 2019

Pindarkone Gram Panchayat- Setting Examples of Governance

In the words of Mahatma Gandhi, “The best, the quickest and the most efficient way is to build up from the bottom...Every village has to become a self-sufficient republic. This does not require brave resolutions. It requires brave, corporate, intelligent work...”
January 4, 2019

Activating Panchayats through MGNREGA

Implementing MGNREGA in its fullness is a movement to establish local democracy and instruments of local governance, honour local wisdom and knowledge, promote power decentralization to panchayats and encourage participatory decision-making. Jharkhand’s experience warrants telling.
January 2, 2019

Building the Organization Capabilities of Gram Panchayats-The pilot project in Jharkhand

Evolving a process-centric Gram Panchayat Organization Development framework, the Anode Lab, in collaboration with PRADAN, focussed on building the organizational capacity of gram panchayats, knowing that if the local body is capable and its members and staff are inspired to perform, it can impact sustainable change in key development spheres
December 12, 2018

Building Trust with the Surjapuri Community

Reminiscing about his early days as Development Apprentice in the village, the author muses on his learnings and challenges as he begins to understand the challenges and tries to build inroads of trust with the women in the community
December 4, 2018

Sustainable Integrated Farming: A Scalable Model for Small and Marginal Farmers

Conceptualizing and grounding a development model appropriate to the diverse needs and priorities of different sections of the community, and, at the same time conserving the eco-system of the local livelihoods is a challenge of a very high order.
November 15, 2018

Koraput District: A Sustainable Livelihood Prototype

“Shifting from individualfocused sectoral thinking to livelihood-basket thinking” proves very successful in Lamtaput block, Koraput district, resulting in enhanced farmers’ income, establishing women’s identities as farmers and integrating ecological aspects so as to generate sustainable livelihoods
September 9, 2018

Changes through Participatory Theatre

ONE EVENING, DURGAPRASAD, A CONTRACTOR from Mohgaon, came to visit Kumharra village to discuss matters with the sarpanch of the village. As he entered the village, he heard a voice resounding in the village: “Bhaat baad mein khabo, natak dekhan jabo (Have your food later, come to see the play)”; “Aao aao natak dekho…natak dekho…bin paise ka natak dekho (Come, come to watch the play…watch the play….watch
May 3, 2018

In Quest of Fellow Travellers on a Road Less Travelled: Destination Mendha

Questioning the dominant mode of life and livelihood choices and critically analyzing the development interventions aimed at attaining them, the villagers of Mendha choose the most suitable method of a collective way of life for them