February 5, 2021

Learning from the Pandemic: Collaboration is the Way Ahead

Realizing that it was staring at a deadly crisis of immense magnitude and proportions, the PRADAN team swung into action, collaborating with the local administration and institutions, to care for the survival and well-being of all members of the community
September 25, 2020

Community to Community Learning: Rajasthan to Mali

Taking the successful models and lessons of women’s empowerment and rural economic development from the SHGs in India and applying these in Mali, a region facing similar environmental and socio-economic challenges, is an encouraging example of global collaboration and kinship
March 11, 2020

The Pride of Bahmni VO: The Women of Samnapur

From being docile and acquiescent wives, the women of Samnapur recognize their own strength and capabilities, and step up into the hitherto male-dominated arena of bidding for the role of tax collectors in the market, much to the disbelief of the men of their families and village
January 3, 2020

Women’s Collectives: Leading the Transformation

Once women were organised into collectives, they became more proficient in making decisions on livelihoods and enhancing economic stability; challenging family, caste and social norms then was a natural consequence
October 17, 2019

Not to ‘Empower Women’: A Musing on Efforts and Interventions

There is a perception that women are the most vulnerable, and so any action for them will be empowering; this is a fallacy.
October 16, 2019

Women of Jharkhand: Fighting Violence against Women

Whatever progress is made in the livelihoods and economic spheres of life, women in villages will only experience significant empowerment when violence—physical, emotional, psychological and other areas-against them is totally eradicated
November 2, 2018

Self Help Groups: Empowering Agencies

SHGs are living organizations and need to be allowed to grow organically in response to internally identified needs rather than be directed by outside entities that have the narrow aspirations of economic growth only.
April 17, 2018

The Being and Doing of CSR

Emphasising the distinction between the being and the doing capabilities of a person and a community, the article stresses how corporate support in nurturing civil society, through collectives, will lead to holistic development of the poor, knowing they have the potential to bring about change in themselves and the world around them
April 5, 2018

Women’s Collectives: Changing the Lives of the Rural Poor in India

Evolving a unique, farmer-focused research methodology, drawn from several complementary approaches, this research project brings about positive changes in the lives of women in this remote area, encouraging them to view themselves not as secondary drivers of agricultural output but as principal farmers, researchers, teachers and active agents of social change.
April 3, 2018

TASAR SERICULTURE: Women Make it Profitable

Initiating the revival of the silk value chain, with women at the helm, leading them to be sericulturists, environmentalists and traditional scientists.