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This report is aimed to be the first among a series of periodic reports on the Status of Adivasi Livelihoods (SAL) in central India. In the first year, the SAL report covered Jharkhand and Odisha (SAL 2021). This report (SAL 2022) covers Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh. The report records the current state of livelihoods of Adivasi people and aims to, on one hand, create a robust database that enables comparison between people belonging to scheduled tribes and other people living in close proximity to them, and, on the other hand, generate evidence for government agencies, NGOs and other practitioners to engage meaningfully in improving the quality of work.

The report covers the following aspects:

  • Cultural ethos of Adivasi which shapes their livelihoods practices,
  • Resource conditions under which Adivasi practice their livelihoods,
  • External interventions which affect living and livelihood conditions,
  • Attributes of the households such as literacy, landholding, etc.
  • Livelihood activities practiced,
  • Income, food security and other livelihood outcomes.

The data was collected through a household questionnaire survey in more than 6000 sampled households, a village survey in 301 villages in 55 blocks, focus group discussions in 50 villages and interviews of 29 Adivasi scholars, social workers, etc.