Terms & Conditions

Sampark.net - The Rural Connect is a knowledge management portal developed by PRADAN. The portal encourages users of this website to post comments on the articles published and participate in the discussions. Your use of website is subject to certain terms and conditions provided herein.

These terms and conditions will ensure that the portal is used in a manner that is respectful of others’ rights and opinions and a productive and safe environment for all participants.

  1. Discussion content if found offensive will be deleted.
  2. Misrepresentation of comments, posts or published articles on discussion forum will not be permitted.
  3. Any matter or documents that are subject to a legal notice (i.e. subject to a legal matter or litigation) shall not be discussed or posted. If posted, the liability rests on the person who has posted the content.
  4. Members should not violate applicable state, federal, or international laws, regulations, government requirements.
  5. Posts should not be used to make personal attacks and trolls.
  6. Posts offensive to a particular race, gender, nationality, ethnicity, community, disability, religion, cultural background or political leaning shall not be allowed.
  7. Any post which is obscene, profane, pornographic, or sexually explicit or depicts violence shall not be allowed

Termination of Users

Sampark.net -The Rural Connect shall have the rights to terminate the account of any user who has registered on the website if there are violation of the terms and conditions.

Disclosure to Government

In some cases, the portal will have to disclose the information collected from users such as email ID to the Government to fulfill its legal obligations. Such disclosures will only be carried out with agencies of the Government or agencies authorised by it.

Please Note

Sampark.net – The Rural Connect reserves the right to change these Terms and conditions at any time with or without notice. If the user has any grievance related to the content posted in the comments section, they may write to sampark@pradan.net