March 27, 2023

Regenerative Agriculture Entrepreneurs

Shakun Didi is a resident of Jhanki village in Dindori district of Madhya Pradesh, India. She had started taking the initiative of nurseries practiced under the principles of regenerative agriculture with the help of the Indian Organisation PRADAN (Professional Assistance for Development Action). In Jhanki, they had to suffer quite a lot of losses when it came to agriculture be it due to the degrading quality of soil, late rains, quality of seeds, etc. After exposure visits to other areas, Shakun Didi took an interest particularly towards nurseries.
March 22, 2023

A conversation with Meera Bai: A BRC business manager

Meet Meera Bai from Kutela Gram in Dindori District in Madhya Pradesh, India. Meera has been running a Bio Resource Centre (BRC), which makes and supplies organic inputs like biofertilizers and bio-pesticides.
March 20, 2023

Local Entrepreneurship in Kureili, Madhya Pradesh, India

A local entrepreneur is an individual who starts a business in their local area. Entrepreneurs are important to market economies because they can act as the wheels of the economic growth of the country.
March 3, 2023

The Start of Something Good!

It was the 1960s. India was struggling with food insecurity. The growing population, limited agricultural land, climate issues like drought, and lack of innovation in new agricultural technologies were creating a situation of severe starvation in India. Something was to be done!
January 14, 2022

The Woman Farmer: Taking Ownership, Claiming Space

Having realised that they deserve to claim their space as farmers and that they are equally capable as men of taking sound decisions on agriculture, the women of Samnapur find strength in the organisation they formed, experiencing the power of the collectives intent and action
November 11, 2021

पहली सैलरी

पहली सैलरी पालकोट टीम के शुभांकन द्वारा रचित एक भाव युक्त लेख है जिसमें लेखक ने प्रदान संस्था में कार्य करते हुए गाँव के एक घर में अपने विलेज़ स्टे के दिनों का स्मरण किया है। यह लेख शहर से आए हुए एक युवक, गाँव के ग्रामीणों के साथ उसका जुड़ाव और उन ग्रामीणों की मासूमियत का एक सुंदर चित्रण है। प्रस्तुत विवरण के माध्यम से लेखक ने गाँव में व्यतीत किऐ सुख-दुःख के क्षणों एवं उसकी ख़ुशी के लिए समर्पित ग्रामीणों के प्रयासों को अपनी प्रदान की पहली कमाई के चश्मे से दर्शाने का प्रयत्न किया है।
September 15, 2021

Empowering Women, Anchoring Change: Collaboration and Persistence Show the Way

With a little bit of support and encouragement, the women of the community prove to be natural leaders, stepping into the unknown, being capable of taking decisions, and carrying forward the work of improving the standard of their lives, physically and economically. The women of Majhidi-Gokulnagar exemplify this in no uncertain terms.
September 9, 2021

Woman of Indomitable Spirit and Will: Rekha Majhi

Displaying tremendous focus and persistence, Rekha Majhi chose to learn from each challenge life presented her, knowing that betterment and transformation of lives is directly proportionate to the efforts she makes and the conviction she has in her abilities
August 25, 2021

Wings of Change

A resolute determination and a supportive community go a long way in helping bring about transformation from despair to hope in Kavita Yadav’s life; she changes her destiny to become a role model for her villagers.
October 30, 2020

Restoring Fertility through the Ridge-to-Valley Approach

Working on finding scientific ways to increase the availability of water in villages through most of the year led to collaboration between various stakeholders, including the community, the forest department, the MGNREGA cell and PRADAN. The secret lay in inclusion, building trust and collaboration while working for a common goal.