Vinitika Lal

Vinitika Lal was working as a consultant in Professional Assistance for Development Action (PRADAN), Delhi. She has done her Masters in Psychology (specialization in Social Psychology) from Delhi University and has spent more than eight years of experience in the non-profit sector and six years in upper–level management including a position as Chief Operating Officer.
March 22, 2023

A conversation with Meera Bai: A BRC business manager

Meet Meera Bai from Kutela Gram in Dindori District in Madhya Pradesh, India. Meera has been running a Bio Resource Centre (BRC), which makes and supplies organic inputs like biofertilizers and bio-pesticides.
November 26, 2020

Which witch hunting?

“They all pinned me down, grabbed my arms and legs so I was unable to move and shaved my head while I kept screaming and begging them to let me go.”
November 29, 2019

Organisational Life Cycles (OLC)

August 17, 2019

Solidarity- Personal is Political

August 17, 2017

Group Rights and gender justice: exploring tensions within the Gond community in India