Vinitika Lal

Vinitika is a psychologist by training and a consultant with PRADAN. She has been working with young people and educators on building social responsibility with a focus on bringing educated youth to work with marginalized rural communities, with a commitment to end poverty in India. She is also a facilitator of women's peace circles, for Creators of Peace which is part of a worldwide movement of people committed to social transformation through personal change. She is currently working on the Organisational Life Cycles project with ISDM and Gender Responsive Organisations for Women (GROW) with JSLPS
November 26, 2020

Which witch hunting?

“They all pinned me down, grabbed my arms and legs so I was unable to move and shaved my head while I kept screaming and begging them to let me go.”
November 29, 2019

Organisational Life Cycles (OLC)

August 17, 2019

Solidarity- Personal is Political

August 17, 2017

Group Rights and gender justice: exploring tensions within the Gond community in India