Sudarshan Thakur

Sudarshan Thakur works with PRADAN, a voluntary organization working in endemic poverty regions of India. Currently, he is based in Shahdol district of Madhya Pradesh as an Executive. He has profound experience of working on gender and livelihood issues in the rural context. He is a post graduate in Geography from Gauhati University, Guwahati (Assam).
October 17, 2019

Not to ‘Empower Women’: A Musing on Efforts and Interventions

There is a perception that women are the most vulnerable, and so any action for them will be empowering; this is a fallacy.
January 5, 2015

My Journey into Kishanganj

Realizing that there is no single approach to engaging with women in order to organize them into SHGs, the Kishanganj team found success when it was willing to let go of its biases and identified the pressing needs of the women in the Muslim-dominated hamlet, supporting them in the areas of health and nutrition before considering savings and credit
November 5, 2013

Theatre of the Oppressed: A Step towards a Conscious Society

Using the powerful medium of theatre, PRADAN has been able to stimulate a re-thinking on age-old limiting beliefs and traditions, and is bringing about change in the behaviour and attitudes of the villagers on issues related to their women and empowerment.
July 7, 2012

A Journey with the Birhors in Hazaribag

An invisible community, shunned by the world around it, becomes the focus of intervention, leading to inclusion for the first time and the beginning of change. Lasting social transformation, however, can only come about with long-term empathic engagement