Iqra Khan

Iqra Khan is a development practitioner, working with PRADAN. Currently, she works to strengthen local institutions of governance such as Gram Sabhas and panchayats on service delivery systems focusing social security schemes for economically weaker section, women led institutions and livelihoods. She holds a master's degree in Development Studies from Azim Premji University. Iqra in the past has worked with social enterprises, Dhriiti and I Village where she worked on promoting entrepreneurship skills among marginalised women and youth. She lives to work on concerns of marginalised sections, poverty, local democracy, rights-based movements and culture & traditions.
October 12, 2022

Development and Social Change: Exploring the relationship between the Munda Samaj and Service Castes in Jharkhand

The Adivasi society, primarily governed by kinship bonds is considered non - hierarchical when compared to the highly differentiated caste system. Mandelbaum’s Society in India considered tribal society homogeneous and egalitarian (as cited in Xaxa, 2008).
June 9, 2022

Status of Adivasi Livelihoods: A Discussion on the Report

Conducting a study on the status of Adivasis has brought to the fore several ground realities, opening up the scope for discussion, dialogue and analyses among those who aspire for inclusive development on matters concerning the Adivasis