Sreeja Basu

Sreeja Basu is an executive in PRADAN’s Jashipur team. She has completed her Masters in Economics from Calcutta University. Since 2018, she has been working with women’s collectives in the interior villages of Mayurbhanj, with the aim of building a violence-free society for women. She has been working closely with the block-level Federations of Jashipur and Karanjia, and has been involved in promoting different livelihood activities, ensuring good health and nutritious food for women, and increasing women’s awareness about their rights and entitlements.
August 31, 2020

Lockdown! Experiences from Odisha

#Jeetenge Hum! PRADAN professionals approached the challenges that the pandemic brought with it by ensuring food for those who had none, motivating villagers to access government schemes, finding innovative solutions for all, including the landless, is a testimony to the buoyancy of the human spirit
August 31, 2020

Impact of the Lockdown on the Rural Women of Odisha

Fetching drinking water twice as many times, cooking and serving larger meals and more often, catering to the demands of the men folk, dealing with drunkenness, and finding resources to keep hunger at bay….village women are bearing the brunt of the pandemic on all fronts. Adding to their woes is the fact that the lockdown has cut off their participation in the SHGs, depriving them of psychological, emotional, financial and social support