January 5, 2018

The State-Society Interaction: A Developmental Debate

Do the changes being slowly inculcated in tribal life, represented by the adivasis of Kewlajhiri, add up to development? Do traditional practices, customs, beliefs need to be shed in order to bring about transformation in people’s lives? Does the government take into account the wealth of traditional wisdom when it determines how to develop a village?
May 2, 2017

JMMS Chakai: Fight against Corruption

Coming face to face with rampant corruption in the implementation of the provisions of MGNREGA, the women of Jivan Marshal Mahila Sangh refuse to buckle down to the local oppressors and an apathetic bureaucracy
December 10, 2016

Born Into Penury: Failing to Make the Cut

Representing the struggle of thousands of people living below the poverty line, Dugi Mai Bodra’s life-story is one of steadfast perseverance and dogged determination that finally culminates in her finding her own power through the SHG to which she belonged.
November 17, 2016

Getting Rations: A Continuing Struggle

Grit, perseverance and determination in a single woman become the catalyst for change in a tiny village in Bihar. The training conducted by PRADAN helps raise awareness of the villagers’ rights and entitlements. Women take the lead in seeking and demanding justice for themselves
May 11, 2016

SHG Women: Leading a Political Uprising

Getting a foothold into the existing male-dominated Panchayati Raj Institutions seemed a Herculean task for the women of the SHGs—a challenge they took up with zest and determination, leading to their victory and the beginnings of change
March 15, 2016

PRI Elections in Jharkhand: Making Women Count

Taking their place as representatives in PRIs, women in villages take the first step to strengthening rural populations by fighting for their rights and working towards development, self-sufficiency and equality
February 2, 2016

Participatory Planning in Jharkhand: A Step towards Democratic Development

Transferring the power to plan and implement development work in villages to the villagers themselves is a step toward decentralization, which forms a vital aspect of good governance and has the potential to change the face of rural policies and planning
January 5, 2016

Poll Boycott: Taking an Extreme Step

Pushed to the wall and struggling for some basic necessities such as a road and electricity—the first steps to development—to their village, the people of Pokharia collectively decide to boycott elections in a bid to draw the attention of the administration and the government to their plight
January 2, 2016

Participatory Processes under MGNREGA: Strengthening Grass-roots Democracy

Moving from the policies of a welfare state to the participatory processes of MGNREGA and other poverty alleviation programmes has inspired greater ownership and a more vibrant involvement of the poor and the marginalized in the development of their own villages
December 26, 2015

NREGA: From Government Programme to People’s Programme

Bringing alive the spirit of MGNREGA as being a legislative guarantee that the citizens have from the government, a collective effort is being made in Gumla to change it from a programme doled out by the government to one that is owned and run predominantly and successfully by the women in villages