Debanjan Ghatak

December 26, 2015

NREGA: From Government Programme to People’s Programme

Bringing alive the spirit of MGNREGA as being a legislative guarantee that the citizens have from the government, a collective effort is being made in Gumla to change it from a programme doled out by the government to one that is owned and run predominantly and successfully by the women in villages
September 6, 2013

Agriculture Production Cluster: Breaking the Market Hegemony in Gumla

Recognizing the potential that agriculture has in changing the lives of small landholders, the initiatives to develop an Agriculture Production Cluster, under the Special SGSY project, led to collectivization at all levels, helping asset creation and credit linkage; as a result, some marginal farmers are now emerging as big farmers
April 9, 2011

Agricultural Production Clusters

Well-developed mutual aid and support groups of poor people can be the building blocks of large-scale social mobilization, leading to a change in the selfbelief and identity of an entire community of people.