Shachi Seth

July 22, 2016

A Patch of Green in the Forest: Organic Farming in Paraswada

Shifting from agricultural practices that were expensive, unsustainable, harmful to the environment, degenerative to the soil, and biased towards rich farmers, the women of Paraswada, Madhya Pradesh, with PRADAN ’s support, decide to make the transition to organic methods of farming, which include using indigenous seeds, SRI, crop diversification, bio-manure and a host of other practices, showing positive and promising results
May 23, 2016

Youth Interventions in Mohgaon: Expanding Options

Helping the youth become active, creating opportunities for their employment, and getting jobs that provide them with dignity, the PRADAN team finds newer ways to train them in vocations that are not dependent on agriculture and that will empower them to travel away from their homes, find jobs and support their families
March 15, 2016

PRI Elections in Jharkhand: Making Women Count

Taking their place as representatives in PRIs, women in villages take the first step to strengthening rural populations by fighting for their rights and working towards development, self-sufficiency and equality
February 2, 2016

Participatory Planning in Jharkhand: A Step towards Democratic Development

Transferring the power to plan and implement development work in villages to the villagers themselves is a step toward decentralization, which forms a vital aspect of good governance and has the potential to change the face of rural policies and planning
January 6, 2016

Gender Training in Samnapur: Moving beyond Markets, Changing Mindsets

Realizing that economic upliftment does not necessarily bring about equality in society and that true equality could come about only when patriarchy and subordination of women are questioned and countered, PRADAN is working to create awareness through its Gender Approach, to bring about a change in the mindsets of the people regarding gender roles