Akankhya Parida

Akankhya Parida, with a Masters in Business Administration and specialization in HR, joined PRADAN in the year 2012. She has been based in Balliguda for the past seven years, working with Kand tribes of Kandhamal and anchoring Gender, Livestock and Nutrition interventions in the team. She has an interest in continuing her pursuit of women empowerment and gender equality.
November 19, 2019

The Missing Identities

Uprooting a girl from her familiar surroundings when she gets married, separating her from her family and friends, assuming she will merge seamlessly with her new family is a traditional, social expectation; carrying the ‘amputation’ even further is the custom in Belliguda of renaming a new bride with the name of her parental village; this completes the obliterating of her identity
June 5, 2019

The Women of Unnatipatha Cheli Samiti: The New Entrepreneurs

Making a tentative beginning at goat-rearing, the women of Unnatipatha Cheli Samiti taste success and cannot be held back. They now monitor the health of the animals and deal with the markets too; thereby increasing their confidence and decreasing their dependency on men.