Saranmoyee Kar

Saranmoyee Kar joined PRADAN in 2015 as a Development Apprentice. She has a Masters in Social work from Delhi University. She is currently based in Khatra block, Bankura district, West Bengal. Her expertise is in the promotion and nurturing of community-based organizations of women, promoting nutrition-sensitive agriculture. She has also worked in the Watershed Development Programme, and with government and local governance, to deliver government programmes.
November 10, 2021

Women’s Empowerment and its Psychological Repercussions: The Less-talked-about Narrative

Opening up avenues of change and enhanced economic stability and encouraging village women to take on leadership roles in the community is transformative and satisfying…however, this brings with it an increased burden of responsibilities for them as well as an increase in the psychological abuse they face in their families: Does PRADAN have the capability to hold or address this?
April 2, 2018

The Night of The Skirmish: A Fight for Mother Nature

Having realized the vital importance of preserving the forest in which they live, the women of Hakimsinan become fiercely protective of the trees and will go to any lengths to stop indiscriminate felling. This is their commitment to, what they consider, their ‘mother’—the jungle that has nourished them for centuries