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Our Board Name Board Position Affiliated Organisation
1 Mr. Ravi Narain Chairperson Vice Chairman, National Stock Exchange of India Ltd.
2 Ms. Anshu Vaish Vice-chairperson Retired IAS Officer GOI, New Delhi
3 Ms. Sushma Iyenger Member Development Activist
4 Mr. Pramath Raj Sinha Member Managing Director of 9.9 Media
5 Ms. Mirai Chatterjee Member Coordinator of Social Security at SEWA
6 Mr. Vineet Nayar Member Former Chief Executive Officer, HCL & Founder of Sampark Foundation
7 Ms. Smita Mohanty Staff Member PRADAN
8 Mr.Saroj Kumar Mahapatra Staff Member PRADAN
9 Mr. Manas Satpathy Ex-officio Member-Secretary and Executive Director PRADAN
      *As on March 2016

The Governing Board comprises maximum 12 members.  

Nine are invited Honorary Members, who come from diverse professional arenas, having their own distinguished record of public service. They are independent directors and hold no material interest in PRADAN.

The Honorary Members nominate two senior members of the staff to sit in the Board.

The Board appoints the Executive Director, who serves a five-year term by convention, and concurrently acts as the ex-officio Secretary of the Board.

The Board renews itself periodically as members can serve no more than two consecutive terms of three years each. All incumbent Honorary Members are also members of the General Body besides other individuals who have joined the Society earlier.

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