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PRADAN was born of the simple idea that caring and capable people are more important than material resources when it comes to accelerating social development in our country.

Rural community development is a complex process involving the interplay of social, political, and economic forces.  Not everyone is cut out to be a “helping person,” a quality that is at the heart of grassroots community work. Our professionals – many of them young – live in unfamiliar and difficult conditions.

Through a carefully designed multi-tier selection process, we recruit young people with a variety of educational backgrounds – from engineering and biology to sociology and law --and prepare them to use their knowledge and skills to work for the benefit of the rural poor.

A meaningful year-long apprenticeship programme allows our new recruits to assess life in grassroots work. The well-structured programme nurtures new entrants using the principle of learning through guided practice, helping them make an informed choice about their vocation.

Apprentices learn about the contexts of rural life, experience the pace and living conditions in which they would eventually work, and see the impact they would have on the lives of poor families.  Above all, they acquire practical skills for grassroots development work while understanding the changes they would have to make in their own lives. 

Please read the following instructions before filling in the bio-data Form (BDF)
  • Please fill in the correct email address and phone number as we will only contact you through these.
  • Please fill in the BDF correctly, once submitted you cannot change your details.
  • You can only attend the selection process once a year.
  • Incomplete forms will not be considered. If a field does not apply to you, please write Not Applicable (N/A).
Fresher to 2 years of work experience
Experienced professional; 2 plus years of work experience

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Download the Bio data and send the filled form to with subject line "Application for Associate. Apply By 15th June, 2024

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Associate Human Resource Development
Associate Personnel, Finance, and Administration