Impact Stories

June 16, 2020

Dancing in the rain amidst Covid-19
by Sneha Kaushal & Kuntal Mukherjee, Kanker

Seetabai and Balram stepped out to meet the Panchayat leader to ask when the land development work was going to start in their village. It being the end of spring in their part of Chhattisgarh, the mid-day sun of early-April was reasonably warm.
June 16, 2020

Chirping Chickens
Shaik Azahar, Narayanganj

June 16, 2020

Sowing ‘Money’ Seeds
by Santosh Kumar, Chakradharpur

Sunita Mahato never thought, even in her wildest dreams, that a day would come when everyone in Asantaliya Panchayat would know her name, respect her, and would be eager to contact her. Farming has been in Sunita’s genes, being the daughter of a farmer and married to a farmer. Even when she first learnt and applied System of Root Intensification on her paddy field to witness a sea change in the yield, this thought that one day she would be a common name in every farmer-household of Asantalia was far beyond fathom for Sunita. It has been a few years since then. Sunita mastered various improved agricultural techniques, her fervor increased.
June 16, 2020

Be it Food or Right – Secure It
by Peeyousmoyee Duara, Surjoday Nandi, & Juba Pratim Gogoi, Jainamore

“We are here not for a gram of grain, it’s about our rights, about our entitlements. And if we have to fight to secure it, we mustn’t recede.” 70 odd women members from Jagriti Mahila Sangh of Dumarkudar village organisation of Bokaro district took this pledge three weeks back.
June 16, 2020

The Inner Strength
by Pandit Arjun Jadhav, Paraswada

The local quack pulled up Fulchand’s right eye-lid and stared at it for a few seconds. There wasn’t any sign of life. The quack swung his head in negation and silently left the hut. Siyabati’s vision got blurred. That a day would come in her life when the hands she depended upon blindly will no longer be there for her, was something that Siyabati had never imagined.
June 16, 2020

Foolmati’s Thousand Children
by Smruthy V. Sasidharan, Sarai, Madhya Pradesh

June 16, 2020

We are there: 24×7
by Anup Das, Deosar

It was an early morning call from Nazma Khatun. Her voice was trembling on the other side of the call. She is an SHG member from a small village called Deogawan in Deosar block of Madhya Pradesh. When the nationwide lockdown was first announced in March, our phones got flooded with similar calls from the hamlets.
June 16, 2020

Lalima – Loha Le Anaemia Se
by Mohini Saha, Narharpur

May 8, 2019

‘One Home – Hundred Women’
by Ajay Gupta

About 500 people, mostly belonging to the Madiya Gond tribe, inhabit the Katakanda village in Darbha block of Bastar district in Chhattisgarh. Being marginal farmers with an average annual income of Rs. 30,000 and literacy level as poor as 26 per cent, the Katakanda villagers lacked the confidence to address issues that had kept bothering them since ages. Even, raising their voices for the malpractices in the local Ration shop was something they avoided.