Impact Stories

May 8, 2019

by Uttiya Routh

It is rightly said that we should surround ourselves with people who inspire us. They not only motivate and encourage us, but also help us to be better people. This story about one such person, from a very far flung village, Sarlakala, in Gola block of Jharkhand.
May 8, 2019

Small Ruminants, Big Support
by Dolagobinda Panda

Parbati Karjee was still holding the frail left-hand of Dukhabandhu when he breathed his last in a dark hospital room in Kendujhar town. Dukhabandhu, the man whom she married 19 years back and lived with ever since. The doctors did their best, but could not save him. The only solace, for a numb Parbati, was that she could do her best to treat him well.
May 8, 2019

Cucumbers are the ‘New Transformers’
Story & Photos: Sourav Maity

Tears rolled down Sulata’s cheeks. Her federation mates hugged and comforted her. Just a day before, Sulata had asked for Rs 500/- from her husband to pay for the pending tuition fees for her daughter, a class seven student. Her husband went off to the market to sell a certain portion of their harvested paddy to get the required money.
May 7, 2019

The Battle of the Modern Day Mahatma
by Surbhi Mahatma, Torpa, Jharkhand

Mahatma Gandhi fought against the British Raj, with undeterred spirit to win back freedom. His fight was a long haul. Gandhi’s decades of courageous, dedicated and selfless efforts, directed towards the cause of mass liberalisation was one of the major pillars of India’s success to freedom.
May 7, 2019

Friend of the Small Ruminants
Story : Sandeep Patnaik

Amnari village of Tatijharia Block of Hazaribag district in Jharkhand has become the talk of the neighbouring areas. All thanks to a woman, which is a rarity in this male dominated area. Villagers have witnessed the emergence of Jogini Devi from a home maker to a socially accepted Pashu Sakhi (literally means friend of the small ruminants, actually a para-veterinarian).
May 7, 2019

One Step for Wasima, a Giant Step for Rural Women
by Juba Pratim Gogoi

“Kadam badhaa ke chalna hain toh pao pasaare mat baitho…” (If we want to move ahead, let’s not remain idly seated), rings a determined voice of Wasima, from a small hamlet in Bahadurganj block of Bihar. True to her words, rural women from Muslim communities in North East Bihar are bringing change, one step at a time, for justice and equality.
May 7, 2019

Nathpur Women: Writing Their Own Destiny
Story by Prachi Gupta

The women’s Federation in Palkot block of Jharkhand helped women to come out of their homes and raise their voices for equal rights. Jharkhand State Livelihoods Promotion Society recognizing the work of the federation members selected their process of organizing poor families of rural areas into robust self-run groups, and selected Palkot as a model block for its convergence programme.
May 7, 2019

Pinky Markam: The unstoppable
Story & Photos by Prabhat Priyanshu

Pinky, a young, motivated girl, grew up in a remote tribal village called Kharkhabharri in the Nagri block of Chhattishgarh. Her family mainly depended on agriculture and forest dwelling for a living.
May 7, 2019

The Tejaswinis of Jagriti
Abha Kumari

With changing time, the nature of crimes against women has changed. Women no more feel safe in their most personal space these days. But if there are more complex problems, women SHG members have devised more robust mechanisms with their sheer grit to challenge the societal menaces. Jagriti Gram Sangathan a village organization (VO) of Tejaswini Mahila Sangh in Jaina village of Bokaro district in Jharkhand, is one of them. It practices zero tolerance towards any violence against women.