Deep Joshi

May 2, 2018

Combining Head and Heart to Transform the Lives of Poor People: My Experience in PRADAN

Remembering the influences on him during his formative years in a village in the Himalayas, his education that took him across continents, his drive to return to India and work with the poor and the marginalized, the genesis of PRADAN and his over three-decade journey, this acceptance speech brings alive the quiet determination and clarity and humaneness of the speaker, who co-founded PRADAN
April 6, 2017

Godda Tasar Project: Where All the Action Began!

Looking back at the early days of exploring new avenues for sustainable livelihood options such as rearing tasar cocoons is an opportunity to relive the highs of the first breakthroughs and the lows of the time
September 22, 2010

NREGA: A Challenge for Civil Society

Allocating financial resources to the rain-fed areas in the country will result in the country reaping huge dividends; organizing people to use the legitimate space that NREGA allows could be civil society’s way of meeting the challenge of transforming the de-humanizing poverty in rural areas