Rural Infrastructure

July 8, 2014

Lighting up the Hills – Ballimusti

Bringing electricity to the remote and difficult terrain of Ballimusti village by creating micro hydro projects using the available water resources in the area has transformed the darkness in the lives of the villagers and liberated them from depending on the meagre supply of kerosene to light their lamps.
September 2, 2012

Convergence of Livelihoods Creation: An Innovative and Proactive Initiative

Transforming the lives of villagers by combining the resources of the community, the government and the local leadership, PRADAN uses collaboration and convergence as the basic approach in creating a significant impact on the livelihoods of the community
August 9, 2012

MGNREGS – From Dream to Reality

Through exposure to and taking part in the awareness campaign, the people of Kuira realize that they have ‘the power, the unity and the right’, to decide the type of work that should be undertaken in their village under the MGNREGS.
January 5, 2011

Telecom and Rural India: The Story So Far

Despite the apparent explosion in the use of mobile phone technology, only a small percentage of the rural people have gained from its use; the challenge lies in reaching out to this vast untapped section of society, through ways that take into consideration their ground realities-their needs, strengths and limitations
August 4, 2010

Saral Training Academy: ICT Training for Rural Youth in India

Tapping into the enormous potential of the school dropouts and the youth of the rural communities, the Saral TA courses in ICT training seek to transfer knowledge and skills in the basic management of specific applications, tailored to the needs of the rural ICT projects, thereby empowering them and stemming, to some measure, the flow of migration to urban areas and giving back to the rural communities valuable assets in the form of trained ICT personnel.
March 6, 2010

An Effort to Make Water Everybody’s Business

Introducing the 5% model and constructing happas in the drought-prone, arid uplands and midlands of molian panchayat in Bankura district has transformed barren tracts into verdant and productive lands, thereby benefiting and empowering the resource-poor occupants of the area.
March 3, 2010

The Marks of New Wheels

Utilizing the provisions under MGNREGA to generate wages and, more important, create assets such as farm ponds that will support their agriculture, the villagers of hirbandh and adjoining areas have been able to fight abject poverty, make informed choices and take charge of their own activities.
February 1, 2010

Water-cum-Sanitation Projects in Koderma : Learning through Exposure Visits

Cutting across caste barriers, the sanitation and drinking water project brings together entire villages and helps the villagers realize their strength and potential when they work as one towards a common goal.