The Local Haat opens in Ghagra

Vipin Pokhriyal . April 30, 2020

Date: 27 April, 2020

When we are still witnessing the impacts of the nationwide lockdown, the recovery process of coming out of it has to start somewhere. The opening of the weekly markets for enabling the smallest of vendors to sell their agricultural produce is one step forward.However one has to still ensure the necessary precautions of physical distancing in such markets. In Ghagra block, the local haat was in the crowded place just near the block hospital. The block administration had taken the right to relocate the weekly haat in an open ground.

Keeping this idea in mind, PRADAN along with the local administration demonstrated the idea of physical distance in the market. Spaces for the vendors and the customers were marked and a necessary distance of atleast a metre was ensured. Masks stitched by the SHG members were distributed to the vendors.

The haat that otherwise would have products like clothes, household utensils, toys has limited stocks of vegetables and the other food items. Even with the limited stock, the opening of the haat has brought some solace to the local vendors who could now sell their produce and get some money back home.

Team: PRADAN Ghagra, Jharkhand

Vipin Pokhriyal

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