Potential of Engaging Migrants: Not a Burden but an Opportunity to Revive Rural Economy

The global crisis due to COVID-19 has affected India a little later in March 2020, while WHO announced it as a world emergency in the last phase of January 2020. A complete lockdown after China war has been faced by 135 Crore Indians, from 24th March 2020, and within a span of 4 hours’ time, everything came to a standstill. It was imposed for one day was a real ‘mock drill’ as it checked the readiness of people to follow it in the coming days. Till now to contain the spread of coronavirus and to minimize the losses, the lockdown has been imposed in four phases with various degrees of restrictions and allowances. This was unavoidable as the virus was spreading very fast and the risks were high. The complete closure of urban and semi urban-based industries, manufacturing and construction units and agricultural works in rural areas affected the country’s economy in many unprecedented ways.

Biswanath Sinha, Kuntal Mukherjee and Sneha Kaushal

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