Jagrukta Rath – Creating Awareness

Sourabh Kumar . April 16, 2020

Date: 7 April 2020

Social media has become one of the important means of communication across the world. In rural areas also, information is readily passed to a large number of people through WhatsApp and other social media channels. With COVID-19 pandemic on the rise, WhatsApp has become an important medium to share information. However, many of the information passed through these mediums are fake and misleading. Therefore, passing correct information at the village on the COVID-19 crisis, the government guidelines, the health advisories and other information need to be correct and accurate. PRADAN team in coordination with Block administration in Jainamore have initiated a campaign called Jan Jagrukta Karyakram to create awareness in all the 22 gram panchayats reaching out to all the villages and hamlets. Every panchayat is deployed with one auto and these autos drive throughout the panchayat and with the help of loudspeakers make announcements around the COVID 19 and the other important information. Awareness is also generated through wall painting across all the Gram panchayats with the support of panchayat level Mukhiya. The members of Tejaswini Mahila Sangh on the other hand have been creating awareness drives through the community resource person.

Team: Jainamore

Sourabh Kumar

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