Hope in midst of lockdown for MGNREGA workers

Peeyousmoyee Duarah . April 30, 2020

Date: 22 April, 2020

कम से कम काम तो शुरू हो गया, अब आगे बस समय पर पैसा मिल जाए

This was what few MGNREGA workers from Kasmar block of Bokaro district had to say, after MGNREGA workers resumed the work after two long phases of lockdown in Jharkhand.
Since the news of easing up MGNREGA works has flashed, Sunita Devi, a NREGA Resource Person (NRP) has received numerous calls from the villagers asking for work.

“We were all sitting idle, there was no option in the lockdown. Now with the opening of MGNREGA work, the workers can get some work”, said Sunita Devi

A total of 66 labourers from Murhulsudi panchayat have kick-started their paused life by actively engaging in four new schemes.

She further added that four schemes have been opened in Murhulsudi panchayat and a total of 66 labourers have got the work. Two more schemes would be opened in a couple of days and that would give work to another 30 labours.

As per the guidelines strict measures are taken to ensure the safety guidelines and social distancing, wearing of masks and provision of soap and water have been taken care of.

Team: PRADAN Jainamore, Jharkhand

Peeyousmoyee Duarah

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