Future at Stake?

. April 6, 2020

Date: April 4 2020

The effect of lockdown is not any more distant in the rural areas. On one hand, as we are witnessing the plight of migrants, struggle of farmers with regards to their production, on the other hand, the anxiety among youth has spiked multifold.

The students who recently gave their board exams were gearing up for entrance exams such as CGPPT, CGPET and PPHT which have now come to a halt due this spread of novel Coronavirus. This is due to the market shutdown of various shops which supposedly do not come under providing essential services. One such is cyber café, which has acted as a window for youth to apply for various exams. For the youth in the city this may not be something to bother about, as the majority of them will possess computers and laptops. But the aspirational tribal students of Darbha are unable to fill the examination forms with the last date being 12th April, 2020. The Tokapal team felt it is important to address this issue in order to lift their tribal youth and families up.

To make this possible a small step has been initiated by the team to take responsibility for filling online examination forms of these tribal students. This whole process is online, students don’t need to move anywhere. The printed copy of filled application form will be circulated at their doorstep by cadres of their respective villages.
“ताकि कोरोना हमारे आने वाले भविष्य का रोड़ा ना बने”

Team: PRADAN Tokapal Chattisgarh

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