Empowering Women Communities During Times of Disempowering COVID-19

Souparno Chatterjee . June 23, 2021

The COVID-19 experience has removed any doubts about how inextricably countries, communities and societies are linked. It has also clearly highlighted that while responding to crises and providing relief during such global pandemics is critical, what is even more important is building resilient societies and communities that can weather such storms in future.

We, in PRADAN, have been working with communities in remote, rural parts of Central and Eastern India to help build sustainable livelihoods among the poor and marginalised and ensure that they can emerge from intergenerational poverty. While there has been significant disruption in their livelihoods, what has been extremely encouraging is communities’ willingness and ability to ride the storm. It will be pertinent to mention here that agriculture has been the only sector that has witnessed positive growth in the last financial year.

Souparno Chatterjee

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