A Painful Journey of Hunger, Unfulfilled Promises and Shattered Hopes

Naresh Kumar Nain, Mahek Nankani . August 10, 2020

Now when we look back, we wonder what strength they (migrants) carried. What light at the end of the tunnel could they see? Was it the hope that if not their cities, then their villages will look after them? Or, what is it the pain of broken and unfulfilled promises? Or, what is it just a dire need of sustaining their hunger.

With one hand holding the sack on his head and the other holding his wife’s, Hari (changed name) reached our COVID Relief Stall on May 09, 2020. Manjari Foundation had put stalls for 15 days (from May 9 to May 23, 2020) to help hundreds of thousands of migrant workers like Hari. It seemed like those two hadn’t gotten enough food for 4 days. Yes, it had been 4 days since they started their journey from Maharashtra. Rashmi (Hari’s wife) suddenly smiled seeing the Relief Stall. Several essential items like food, water, medicines and many other things were available at those stalls. Eyes went down at her feet. Her left foot slipper had almost broken and her feet seemed swollen. She had a sigh of relief and seeing her bright smile we realised our hard work had paid off!

Naresh Nain, Mahek Nankani & Manjari Foundation

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  1. Harendra Kumar says:

    People were struggling for their lives and livelihoods

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