Marijn van der Meer

Marijn van der Meer graduated with his Master of Climate Studies in the Netherlands by doing an internship at MetaMeta, focusing on climate resilience within the GTP regions. The main interests within his study are Natural Resource Management, Climate Resilience, Climate-Smart Agriculture, and Climate Modelling. For now, he continues his work at MetaMeta on a freelance contract and simultaneously works in Ecuador as a sustainability assistant for a tourist agency.
March 7, 2023

Ponds as an asset for agriculture: how to keep them full

It is well known that large water bodies such as oceans and rivers affect the climate. Although to a smaller extent, ponds also impact the surrounding climate; the ‘local climate’. The opportunity here lies in the fact that, unlike large oceans and lakes, ponds are easier to create and to manage. With good management and design choices, ponds can be significant assets in creating conducive local climates in (agro)ecosystems.