Gautam Bisht

Gautam Bisht is currently pursuing a PhD in learning science in the School of Education, Northwestern University, Illinois. He also works as a Consultant in PRADAN as well as in the CHIRAG project for curriculum development. Prior to this, he was leading the programming activities in the project, which aims at creating a democratic platform for the community to exchange relevant information on sustainable food systems. He is the co-founder of Sinchan, an Education and Rural Entrepreneurship Foundation. Gautam completed his Masters in Development Practice from Ambedkar University, Delhi.
February 11, 2021

Reflections on Working and Walking with the Youth of Chakai

Delving into the lens through which we typically categorize the youth of today, the author invites the youth of his community to bring to their awareness certain fundamental questions that lie just beneath their everyday pre-occupations
November 24, 2020

Challenges in Designing a Culturally Responsive Curriculum

This article explores the necessity, scope and issues related to developing a culturally integrated curriculum for rural areas, bringing what is taught in schools closer to social life