About Us

PRADAN is in its 41st year of transformative journey aspiring to bring sustainable changes in the lives of marginalized populations in some of the most disadvantaged pockets of the country. The hall mark of a PRADAN professional is that she is a ‘Reflective Practitioner’ who engages with the community and with the larger fraternity to co-create knowledge and ideas that work at scale. 'Sampark.net - The Rural Connect', the PRADAN knowledge management portal is an attempt to more effectively reach out to the larger development fraternity to trigger stimulating thoughts and initiate innovative action.

Sampark means 'connect' and Net comes from the word ‘network’. As the name suggests, it is an open portal aimed at building connections. It is a platform for all of us to get into engaging discussions, and unravel complex developmental problems. It is envisaged as a bridge for free exchange of ideas with the external world, bringing fresh perspectives into our routine debates. It is also a sound-box which will help amplify our voices in the din of the mainstream discourses. Knowledge created out of this churning may also set new directions to the development frameworksand policies.


Share information, knowledge, ideas, strategies, experiences, stories and possibilities
Learn from each other, enrich understanding and build elegant solutions
Celebrate work, partnerships and collaborations, achievements, and the change



In its 32nd year, NewsReach, is a platform for practitioners to share their stories, thoughts and experiences. Reflective articles, opinion pieces on development issues, stories from development practitioners form the core components of the platform.


Discussion is an “interactive, informative and creative online space”, where its members share and learn from their experiences, discuss and debate topical and relevant development issues, and delve into innovative and new ideas. This platform is enabled by Workplace by Facebook.

Research Projects:

PRADAN collaborates with multiple and diverse academic and practitioner stakeholders, policy-makers as well as philanthropies with an objective to build new knowledge in the development sector. It helps build understanding of the efficacy of research, development thought, policy and interventions in reducing inequalities. We engage in diverse themes such as gender, nutrition, agriculture, livelihood enhancement, community building and others. Our overall approach is inter-disciplinary and we aim to do development-driven research in combination with a mix of qualitative and quantitative methods. The platform gives an overview of the different research projects, PRADAN is currently engaged in.


Library is an exhaustive repository where all the knowledge products developed by PRADAN viz. books, reports, tool-kits and videos are archived. The Library is search engine enabled for easy accessibility of all the knowledge products.