[Women’s Day] Meet Foolmati, a farmer from Madhya Pradesh helping others increase productivity and income

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Until a couple of years ago, farmers in Godbahra, a small village in Singrauli district of Madhya Pradesh, tilled their lands and grew crops only during the monsoon. The families had depended on farming for generations to feed themselves. During the dry season, the farmers migrated to distant places to work as manual labour and earn wages. There were times when eating two meals a day seemed a luxury.

Foolmati Panikas is one such farmer, whose family had been growing different crops for generations. She wanted to change the circumstances and fate of the village and its farmers, and was looking at ways to increase crop productivity. This is the story of a momentous decision and how lives of the farmers of Godbahara village and other surrounding villages have changed since then.

Source: Your Story