Treatment and awareness help women overcome anemia


Extensive testing, treating the affected, and awareness about food habits to change malnutrition status have brought down the prevalence of anemia and improved the health of women.

“I feel so tired and weak always. I am unable to do any work neither at home nor in the farm,” said 22-year-old Ganita Komra of Masulpani village in Narharpur administrative block of Uttar Bastar Kanker district. “I am told it is because I have only 7 grams of hemoglobin in my blood.” Currently families ignore related health problems unless it becomes very severe.

Lalima is a project that aims to address a key indicator of malnourishment i.e. anemia. The objective is to bring about awareness among women and adolescents (14-49 years) around anemia which is very severe in the district and to immediately cure severely anemic women and girls.

Source: Village Square