South-South Community Learning: Rajasthan to Mali


The Indo-Malian (Dholpur, Rajasthan, India, to Logo Kayes, Mali) Community to Community (C2C) learning for growth and development has been a journey of accomplishment.

In 2016, cross-organizational stakeholders from Camide1 and Virtue Ventures2 visited Manjari Foundation3 in India to study instances of women’s empowerment and rural economic development organizations that had successfully scaled up their initiatives to reach a large population. The objective was to see if applicable models, lessons or inspiration could be drawn from the Indian experience and replicated in Mali, a region facing similar environmental and socio-economic challenges.

The visit paved the way for interaction with SHGs members and for understanding the basic processes and impact of women-led institutions. The Manjari Foundation team oriented the visitors about the processes and protocols of community mobilization; the strategies for promotion of women-led institutions and other sustainable livelihood programmes that had been successfully implemented.

Source: Six Degrees News