Smallholder farmers adopting regenerative farming in Poreyahat Block of Godda District, India


Regenerative Agriculture (RA) is built around the principles and practices that seek to promote healthier soil and water, promote biodiversity and restore ecosystems. Replacing traditional farming by RA is gaining its importance specially to protect, manage and restore nature. Various studies have shed light on the criticality to revitalize soil and the hydrology of farm landscapes to mitigate the effects of climate change and to sustain agriculture production systems.

The case provides a narrative on the adoption of regenerative farming by a large number of smallholder farmers, especially women, in the Poreyahat block of Godda district. The case outlines the key steps and the main drivers to facilitate practice adoption among farmers. The case narrates the roles of the Indian NGO; PRADAN, engagement of major stakeholders, challenges faced, and key learnings and reflections.

Source: The Water Channel