PRADAN, launch second phase of SWACHH in State


PRADAN, in association with, today launched the second phase of SWACHH (Supporting Women to Advance Cleanliness and Hygiene in Households) project in Jharkhand, which is to be implemented with 70,000 households in 10 districts of 3 regions (South and North Chotanagpur and Santhal Paragna) for a period of next two years. In the first phase, this project was piloted in Torpa, Gumla, Poraiyahat, Peterwar and Shikaripara blocks of Jharkhand respectively wherein 25,000 households were targeted to have access to these basic WASH facilities.

Through a consolidated effort of PRADAN with the results achieved were remarkable and targets were met in a successful manner. It is worthy of mentioning here that the WASH practices clearly align with the 6th Goal of SDGs and hence it was an important initiative with the community. Under this pilot, the communities were enabled to access hygienic sanitation facilities (toilets constructed/ repaired) and provision of clean filtered drinking water. For this venture necessary plan has been developed and processed through CLF ( Cluster Level Federation) allign with concerned PRIs for accessing loans were provided to people so that they are sensitized and go in for practicing healthy WASH practices.

Source: The Pioneer.