One of the biggest challenges: What it takes to be an agent of ‘Change’?


As change agents why do we need to know how to work with people, does it need any special skill set? These are frequently asked questions to ponder over. Like any other sector, competence in this work can be picked up while you work with people, yet without concerted effort one can go astray in their own loop of community work. Nevertheless, there are academic institutions running courses on community work and development practice. And there are organizations working with people where one can get hands-on experience. Indeed, in recent times, more focus is on building people’s collectives where collectives are supposed to be in the driver’s seat. In spite of all the fuss, the fact is that the people centric approach is still a distant dream. Therefore, the question remains what it takes to be an agent of change. This musing is an attempt to unfurl this, and is based on a period of discussions and dialogues among development professionals from PRADAN.

Source: Counter View