Mentoring helps tribal youth choose new careers


Career counseling and training help tribal youth develop skills and choose new vocations, resulting in social upliftment, women’s empowerment and changes in societal norms .

Fair employment has become a major problem for youth. Currently 17 crore skilled and unskilled people are unemployed in India. Increasing use of modern techniques worsens the job scenario. Due to COVID-19 pandemic, businesses have been badly affected. This has not only made finding new jobs difficult, but has put current jobs in jeopardy.

The problem of employment is worse in villages, especially in tribal areas. Wage labor and migrating for livelihood have become common. Youth have very limited skill-training and quality education opportunities, which further impairs their ability to get employment. A vicious cycle, this problem continues for generations.

Yuva Shastra, a mentoring program, provides skill-based training, education, awareness and shows employment avenues to tribal youth. With these new opportunities, they are able to achieve success, help their families financially, and be a motivation for other youth.

Source: Village Square