Meet Agri Entrepreneur Foolmati Panika Who Transformed Her Village In MP


As a resident of Godbahra village in Sarai Tehsil, Madhya Pradesh, Foolmati Panika would tell you that by launching a large-scale livelihood business, how she created a greater impact by enhancing the local economy. She is now maintaining her own nursery resolutely that can nurture 40,000 saplings as she enters her tenth month of pregnancy.

Panika is among the pioneer batch of farmers who signed up for Pradan Sarai’s Agriculture Entrepreneurship Orientation Workshop in conjunction with Mahan Mahila Krishi Producer Company, both NGOs working with educating and upskilling the rural population so that they can earn a decent living. Coming up with the innovative concept for a centralised vegetable greenhouse while attending the workshops, she wanted to provide a stable livelihood for the local farmers considering how they didn’t have a trustworthy source for seeds or seedlings.

Source: Femina