Lohe ki kadhai and tricolour thaali show the way to a nutritious life in Jharkhand


The Durga Mandi temple in Bhadaria village in Godda district Jharkhand is abuzz with chatter. Women of the village have gathered there to observe poshan maha or nutrition month. Each woman, sitting cross legged on the floor, holds lohe ki kadhai (iron cauldron).

The temple premise is decorated with colourful rangolis made using millets, pulses and vegetables. Using these healthy food items, the women have also written a slogan – ‘sahi poshan, desh roshan’ (right nutrition, enlightened country).

Together they are celebrating the Poshan Maah or nutrition month to spread awareness on the importance of eating right for a healthy life. And, the lohe ki kadhai is an integral part of this celebration.

Source: Gaon Connection