International Women’s Day: How livelihood of women evolved in the last two years in rural India, post COVID-19

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COVID-19, in the last two years has taken the world by storm. Its impact has been felt across livelihoods, businesses, industries and people across demographics and geographies. In India, the impact has been felt in the urban cities as well as rural India. While a lot has been discussed about the urban impact, effect on jobs, businesses, and mental health of people; not much has been talked about the impact in rural India.

Physical, emotional, and mental well-being of people have been impacted in the rural pockets of the country; the gender effects have been equally prominent. Marginalized communities, especially women, have been deeply affected by COVID-19. Their most basic entitlements such as income from agriculture daily wages, MGNREGA wages, access to drinking water and electricity had been impacted in the last two years. Health and sanitation were adversely impacted too- the lockdown led to a gap in the services of community health centres; there was severe shortfall of primary and secondary infrastructure in rural areas, which caused strain on the tertiary hospitals in urban areas and overwhelmed the facilities.

Source: Financial Express