Changes In Structural Training In Social Sector


The best way to ensure improvement in social sector development in the country, is by strengthening human capacities. The sector requires people with a dedicated mindset, social commitment and willingness to serve. This comes with training, resilience, feeling connected for the society and its people.

The social sector is unique, in the fact that it not only requires a deep understanding of the social challenges, mindsets and fears, but it also requires (people working in this profession) having immense patience, persistence and capability. The satisfaction of creating a social transformation is worth the effort, which is why, the number of people keen to contribute, is growing by the day along with the resources being committed by various organisations.

With the increased involvement of corporate houses, requiring the management of large amounts of funds and multiple projects, the requirement for full-time professionals in the field is growing. Gone are the days of random involvement with any NGO being an adequate preparation for the sector. Today meaningful positions in the social sector requires dedicated preparation. A large number of structured courses are now available for freshers as well as professionals who want to make a mark in the social sector. The sector is growing rapidly, making it a lucrative career option, with the added benefit of it being a purpose-driven career.

Source: BW Education