Agenda of Retreat 2018

“Once a PRADANite always a PRADANite”
Agenda of the Retreat

16th April 2018  
9:00 am Registration of Alumni
10:00 am Introduction and welcome
11:00 am Welcome address by Executive Director
11:30 am Cafeteria: connecting with contemporaries
12:30 pm Panel discussion: Once a PRADANite always a PRADANite.
1:30 pm Lunch break
2:30 pm Personal sharing in small group
4:00 pm Tea/coffee break
4:30 pm Gallery walk: Glimpse of  discussions in the Small Group
6:00 pm Meeting people over snacks
7:00 pm Cultural evening
8:30 pm Dinner
17th April 2018  
9:30 am Registration
10:00 am Recap of the last day
11:00 am Tea/coffee break
11:30 am Panel Discussion: Changes triggered by PRADANites in the society
1:00 pm Lunch break
2:00 pm What connects PRADANites – discussion in Small groups
4:00 pm Tea/coffee break
4:30 pm Panel Discussion: This retreat helped PRADANites to come together- How to take this forward.
7:00 pm End of Retreat with PRADAN anthem
8:30 pm Dinner