Waiting to meet you all. Thank you
Rajnikant Prasad

Association : 2001-2006

Very worthwhile idea to organise a retreat with all alumni. It will be great if some plans emerge from the Retreat.
Soumen Biswas

Association: 1987-2012

I am excited to be able to meet all my fellow pradanites and share 2 days with them.
Tuhn Kumar Das

Association: 2002-2013

Excited to be interacting with PRADANites again. Looking forward to retreat!
Ankita Bhat

Association: 2011-2015

Excited for Event !!
Deepak Mathur

Association: 1993-2002

Feeling Great to be connected with larger PRADAN family and members from development fraternity on the occasion of 35 memorable years of development journey.. Look forward to a meaningful and memorable Retreat.
Pramod Sahu

Association: 1997-2009

curious nostalgic
Raghini B

Association: 1993-1998

I am extremely excited. Back in my days, I still remember retreats under the big banyan tree near Skukhtawa campus. I want to go back to those feelings again.
Guru Naik

Association: 1985-1995

Feel great by receiving the invitation only, that organisation gave thought about not only to her current family but also to those who were part of it in past. Pradan inculcate a culture which i try to create in every spare of my life and made me a better person as a individual for that i am always great full towards Pradan. Feeling excited to meet everyone .
Sandeep Kumar Bharmoria

Association: 2013-2015

Excited to attend the retreat and meet all.
Neha Jain

Association: 2011-2015

Looking forward to meeting people after so many years!
Mithun Som

Association: 2000-2002

I am looking forward to meet everybody and to see the progress of PRADAN, since the time, I moved away.
Jui Gupta

Association: 1992-2005

Feeling Great to be a Pradanite.
Rishi Meena

Association: 2011-2017