We organize our grassroots operations into 11 development clusters. Each cluster, or region, is a collection of districts that groups together people and villages with a shared history, culture, agricultural climate and institutional landscape. This strategy reinforces the connectedness among communities, enabling development to multiply and accelerate.

Each development cluster includes multiple teams of professionals who are supported by PRADAN’s corporate circle at all levels.

Development Clusters (DCs)

  1. Jangal Mahal DC
  2. South Odisha DC
  3. Kolhan & North Odisha DC
  4. South Chhotanagpur DC
  5. North Chhotanagpur DC
  6. Santhal Pargana DC
  7. North East Bihar DC
  8. Baghelkhand & Satpuda DC
  9. Mahakaushal DC
  10. North & South Chhattisgarh DC
  11. Rajasthan DC