Communities as Drivers

We believe that all people, no matter how poor, are capable of driving the change they need.

Professionals as Catalysts

We believe that well-educated professionals working within communities can bring both the empathy and knowledge needed to help poor people improve their lives.

We work in the poorest regions of India to help vulnerable communities organize collectives that help people, especially women, earn a decent living and support their families. We also help them access government programs and other entitlements as citizens.

We focus primarily on women because we believe that even people considered to be the most disadvantaged in society are capable of driving the change they need. To achieve this, we recruit well-educated young professionals to work alongside people in the poorest villages. They come from many fields – such as management, engineering, agriculture, and the social sciences - and they are chosen as much for their empathy as for their technical expertise.

Our primary focus is to help people in marginalized communities develop their own skills and initiatives, instead of delivering services or solutions to them. They learn through experience how to build a livelihood and to access the information they need to engage effectively with government authorities and other people in power. We have seen that when people develop a sense of agency, regardless of caste or gender, they are able to assert their rights and speak up for themselves. We aim for a holistic and positive change in their social, psychological and economic condition so they can take total charge of their lives and engage with the world around them.

We also partner with other civil society organizations and the government to influence development policies. We hope that our work at the grass-roots level and our broader partnerships will lead to large-scale positive change and influence society as a whole.