The world is aiming to achieve 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030. They cover a broad range of interconnected issues, from economic growth to social issues to global public goods.

India is ranked low on global development indices, and will be an important factor in achieving many of these global goals. Meeting this challenge demands a strong partnership among government, the private sector, and development organisations.

In 2014, PRADAN charted out a road map to multiply our impact. Our energies today focus on bringing about multi-dimensional results through comprehensive empowerment of people in the poorest pockets of the country. By 2022, we plan to reach 10 million people across 12,500 villages in the 7 states where we operate.

Our work is aligned closely with six of the 17 SDGs, and will be a significant contribution to the national commitment and aspiration. Our ambitions around each of the six global goals are described below:

5 Lac households with gross income greater than 1 Lac, 50% livelihood coverage.


5 Lac households with gross income greater than 1 Lac, 50% livelihood coverage.


7.5 Lac women with enhanced consciousness of gender- caste-class discrimination.


9 Lac women with enhanced knowledge & skills for sustainable livelihood practices. 7,000 livelihood technology service providers.

Life on

6,000 (50%) villages with adequate safe drinking water and 3,000 (25-30%) villages free from open defecation.

Clean Water
and Sanitation

25,000 collectives promoting other collectives multiplying institutions for the poor, by the poor.