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Resource Centre
 The Research and Resource Centre (RRC) of PRADAN was set up to capture the field experiences and convert those into a systematic body of information and knowledge. A major concern among PRADAN professionals is that field based professionals are spread out thinly across multiple locations and do not have enough opportunities for regular interactions where they can share knowledge with each other. Being engrossed in practice, and with their hands full with everyday tasks, they also do not get the time to reflect upon and document their best practices, issues, and concerns in a systematic manner. Lessons from the field are thus rarely made available to each other or to outside parties who may be interested in learning or in policy dialogue

The RRC hopes to fill this gap. The Centre will play the role of a knowledge integrator for the various activity themes, both mature and nascent. It will also serve as a gateway for the organisation to external knowledge resources, and vice-versa. Following are the RRC’s objectives:

  • Document best practices and experiences, convert them into resource materials such as process documents, handbooks, and standard operating procedures, to improve efficiency of practice and assist the group in scaling up.
  • Carry out research, analyse practices, study impacts, facilitate debate and critique, in order to enhance effectiveness.
  • Draw out broader lessons from practice and facilitate policy dialogue.